Hello Hello!

My name is Tess Rogers, and I am an incoming law student at The University of Arizona!

Raised on a small farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, nature has always been an influential part in my life.  As an adult I try to spend as much time as possible recharging outside!

Learning has always been a drive in my life.  Since I was little, my curiosity has lead me down some amazing roads and brought me here to law school!

From my background of Environmental Science to this new journey of law school, my drive remains to establish a life of learning and endeavoring to constantly be better.

Let us learn from each other and strive to be our best selves!

Best Wishes,

5 Fun Facts:

1.  I have celiacs and eat a Gluten Free diet
2.  I have worked as an Environmental Consultant at NASA Ames Research Center and Tri-EHI
3.  Yoga and Stoicism are two practices I am currently exploring
4.  I am a proud alumnus of Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Mu where I served on Executive Council.
5. I grew up on a farm where my family and I barrel raced quarter horses in the rodeo

*Bonus* I have an amazing tabby cat named Peep!  

Peep the Kitten
Peep on our first day together!  June 2016