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Law School Orientation: What To Pack!

Congratulations, you are about to embark on an epic journey!  It will challenge every part of you but it will open your world.

Orientation can be intimidating.  Especially if you are like me and NO ONE in your family or friend group has a legal background.  When I walked into orientation at the University of Arizona, I had no idea what to expect, and looking back that is absolutely okay!  Even with no idea what in the world was going on around me,
I made my very best friends at law school orientation!

Hopefully, having your bag stocked and ready will leave you nothing but stoked to head off to law school orientation!

What to Pack


Law school orientation is full of extremely long days.  There will most likely be food, but making it through the days of presentations and mingling requires more fuel!  Consider the fact that this is also prime-time to make impressions on fellow students and staff.  Thus, try not to pack snacks that end up in your teeth.  Go for the tried and the true granola bar, apple, or trail mix.  Bonus:  If you bring an extra, you are likely to make a best friend simply from sharing your snacks!

If you have food allergies it is safer to assume that the provided food will be inedible.  For instance, I have celiacs and breakfast is usually bagels….  So to be safe, I always bring a meal bar.

I am currently on a keto diet to help with celiacs and love the Quest blueberry muffin bars

Notebook and Pen

There will be A LOT of information and dates all thrown at you at once, so bring a small notebook.  Personally, I had a hot pink notebook and it was quite the hit with the people around me.  Plus, some of the law school orientation lectures and presentations are just long, especially on days 2-4.  Notebooks provide for quiet distractions like doodling or making to-do lists

Handy Dandy Notebooks!



Water Bottle

You will likely be talking A LOT.  Or at least I am encouraging you to break out of that comfort zone and introduce yourself to everyone in your vicinity.  This will exponentially increase your likelihood of making a friend!  Talking so much will make you thirsty and having a water bottle is basically heaven.

A sweatproof waterbottle will keep your hands dry for all of those introductions!



External Battery

After learning this the hard way, having an external battery pack for your phone is key to getting home after orientation.  I was VERY new to Tucson and had a dead phone upon returning to my car after day 1.  Plus, you should be getting the numbers of ANYONE in your class that you have ANYTHING in common with.  And, it is not as easy to get their numbers if your phone is dead.

A Slender style takes up less space in your purse

Matte Powder

Law school orientation generally occurs during August which is just an extremely hot month.  Trust someone who glistens A LOT, having some extra matte/ setting powder in my bag really upped my confidence and made me feel cool and collected, even when I was dying of freaking heat stroke.

This setting powder lasted my ENTIRE 1L year!

Mini Deodorant

No matter how confident you are, law school orientation is a lot to handle and can cause anyone to need extra deodorant.  Like setting powder, having a mini deodorant in your bag is a great way to ensure confidence and freshness all day long.

Classic, fresh scent and the perfect size for a purse or backpack


It may be hot outside, but the AC will likely be cranking and leave you freezing during law school orientation lectures.  So be safe and pack a small cardigan or sweater to keep you from freezing to death like I did on the first day!


Having these few, but essential items will help you be prepared for the unexpected during law school orientation.  Knowing you have your bases covered will free your mind to absorb all the information they throw at you and start making friends.

If you have any questions or concerns about orientation or law school in general PLEASE REACH OUT!  I am always available via comments, my contact page or!

Best Wishes,


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