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Now that finals are over I would like to share with you all Crushendo, a new way of studying!

I am a HUGE proponent of studying in your own way.  The constant, high pressure, library grind does not work for everyone (Including me!).  Just because straight-A Susie spends 12 hours a day in the library does not me that same method will get me to straight As. But the competitive nature of law school can make it hard to deviate from the standard study structure, for fear of it backfiring and falling victim to the tail-end of the curve (Law School Grading Curve & Why It Stinks) 

 This semester I took a chance and studied only in ways that I truly felt benefitted me personally.  Basically, my process was read everything ahead of the class, taking notes and making case briefs in OneNote.  In class I had my reading notes pulled up on my laptop and handwrote my class notes on a standard legal pad.  About a month before finals I began making my outlines based on a comprehensive overview of my typed and handwritten notes.  All of my outlines were done at least a week before the final so that during finals all I had left to do was get familiar with the outline and run through practice problems.  A more comprehensive and detailed review of my studying and outlining methods will be out next weekend (6/10/2018!)

Property was my “struggle class” this semester.  An apathetic professor teaching one of the hardest 1L courses was not ideal.  This is where Crushendo came into my life.  In trade for a potential review, the developer/owner of Crushendo offered me a free trial of all the 1L courses and the property section saved my life.

Illustrative Acronym to Remeber the 7 Attributes Protected against dwelling discrimination:     Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sex Disability, Familial Status 

I am an extremely visual and auditory learner which made Crushendo’s property materials perfect for my brain.  The illustrative flash cards made it so much easier to drill all of the property concepts.  Plus the audio files made it possible for me to study while running, biking to school, grocery shopping etc.  Just listening to the lessons on repeat made my brain familiar with the terminology and topics.  I combined Crushendo’s foundational lessons with examples and explanations from the Short and Happy Guide to really bring it home.

Illustrative Flash Card: Covenants of a General Warranty Deed?                           Owned, Restrained not, Encumbered not, Disturbed not, Assured, Defended

Essentially, I taught myself the entire property course from the Short and Happy Guide to Property and Crushendo.
My final grade in property was an A- 

I am thrilled with my A- and have Crushendo and Short and Happy to thank for giving me the tools to learn such a hard topic.


Click for a link to Amazon!

Now that summer is finally here I am getting a jump start on studying for the bar by utilizing the Crushendo tools!  Illustrative flashcards and audio files are such an amazing addition to traditional text learning and make preemptive studying a lot more enjoyable.

What creates unreasonable doubt making a title unmarketable?  Contingent Remainders, Adverse possessors, Access issues, Zoning violations, Encumbrances and so on

For anyone who is looking for an alternative way to absorb the ridiculous amount of information law school throws at you, I would recommend you check out Crushendo.  The packages are affordable, especially compared to the Kaplan/Barbri packages.  And, each course has a detailed guide on how to get the most from your materials and personalize your study experiences to benefit you the most!

Adam, the creator of Crushendo also has a message to all of you:

“Many law students are risk averse. In some ways, that’s a good thing. But that is a little speed bump we’ve had with Crushendo. If you personally don’t have a gutsy, early adopter mindset, I invite you to do something a little crazy and give Crushendo a shot. The potential benefits are big enough. And the risks aren’t as big as they may seem. We’re currently letting new users have a free trial of any one of our outlines. Plus, there’s a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We’ve had great success with our early users, but we think Crushendo can really help many more law students than it currently does. Almost any law student can benefit. Maybe even you.

One last thing, if you’re already locked into a more expensive, old-school bar prep course, Crushendo’s outlines can be an awesome supplement that won’t break the bank. In addition to Crushendo-only users, we have students using Barbri and Crushendo, Crushendo and Kaplan, and so on. At first, some were hesitant. But once the doubters got going, they found a spring in their step. Just take the leap. What have you got to lose?”

Please, reach out to me if you want to know more about my study tactics or my experience with Crushendo specifically, I am always here to help and there are NO dumb questions!

Best Wishes,

In the name of full disclosure, here is the backstory to how I began using Crushendo to study for law school exams and now the Bar exam:   A few months ago I received an email directly from the wife (Heather) of the Crushendo creator.  Heather told me the story of being a young couple and watching her husband Adam, explore his own personal way of studying.  Adam realized that he couldn’t be the only aspiring lawyer who did not benefit from the standard form of  “sit in the library and grind” studying and developed Crushendo, to give others access to his process.  They offered me a free trial of basically all of their 1L products prior to my spring finals. After being able to test it for myself, I offered to give Crushendo a review and share their product with all of you!

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