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1L Fall Grades Are In… Now Move On

1L fall semester finals are some of the most trying academic feats you will face.  Not only are you brand new to legal jargon and case briefs, but now your grade for the entire semester, the reflection of your “worth” as a future lawyer rides on one exam(not really but it can definitely feel this way).  It is terrifying.  Even after the physical act is over you wait almost a month (if not more) to find out if the curve helped your grades or pulled you down to the masses of a B- average.

But, now that time has passed and fall is officially over.
So please for the love of the law gods
STOP talking about your first law school finals
Move on to more important things like finding a job for the summer or actually paying attention in your new classes.  It can be hard cut ties with one of your most emotionally and mentally scarring experiences but greater things are lurking ahead.

Let Go Of the Grade Comparisons

It can be extremely tempting, especially during the summer job search to wonder about your classmate’s grades and more poignantly drown yourself in the worry that you don’t stack up in comparison to your amazing and insanely smart friends.

In all honesty, EVERYONE will have those moments of insecurity after finals but you have to focus on the fact that the only person you are competing with in law school is YOURSELF.  

Instead of wallowing in the fact your study partner made a higher GPA, simply be unsatisfied with your grades because you know that you are capable of more. Then go even harder this semester and exceed your goals!

Resist the temptation to  play the victim game:

“Oh, she just doesn’t have as much going on as I do,”

“He has a photographic memory, there is no way we can compete with that,”

“Our contracts professor just had it out for me, there is no way my study habits could have compensates,

You will do yourself a lot of favors by accepting the reality of what happened in 1L fall and using it as fuel for 1L spring.

No excuses, no complaining just forward progression!

on that note:

Stop Complaining

Law school is challenging enough without wallowing in the pain and suffering of things that are no longer relevant! So STOP complaining about your first semester of law school.  Sure venting can be cathartic but if complaining about law school becomes habitual you will find that you’re constantly surrounded by negative energy.
And that negative energy will bleed into your 1L spring classes, and suck the motivation right out of you.
Starting a new chapter, while still carrying the baggage of the last, doesn’t allow you to really invest your time and energy into your current suffering.  How do you expect to lean into the challenges of the Congressional Powers Vested and Implied Through the Commerce Clause when you are still holding a grudge against contracts.  Trust me, no one has the capacity to hold a grudge against fall classes and invest themselves fully into 5 new courses.  The weight is too heavy, so just let the past go.  Let the pain and hatred of the fall fade from your mind and take all of that freed mental energy to kick ass on your spring semester finals!

Fall is Over, Let it Die in Peace

Your fall exams have come and gone and now it is time to look forward to the domination of spring law school exams.  Don’t let the unnecessary frustrations from fall steal any of your drive, mental energy, or time from your spring success.  You have grieved over what you lost in the fall (be it emotional stability, a 4.0 GPA, sobriety, or just your social life) now it is time to leave that all in the past and strive for all that spring and its new beginnings have in store!

Best wishes in life and law school!


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