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Professional Headshots in Law School

In law school, there will be an opportunity to take some grown-up headshots!
In the day of LinkedIn and Google searches,
it is important to have profile photo you can be proud of!

Here are some tips to help you get some great professional headshots

Natural Makeup!

Stick to a more natural makeup look.  These are headshots NOT glamour shots.  You can look just a stunning with a natural toned eye as you do with a smokey smolder. Try earth tones like soft gold or copper with light brown shading and a little touch of highlight.

P.S. Use a touch of highlighter on the center of your eyelid to make your irises pop in your photos! 

Avoid Forehead Shine

Avoid forehead shine with a good coating of translucent powder over your foundation.  Also, keep oil blotters in your bag that day for a quick touch up!

Dress the Part (Even If Only Halfway)

If you want to look like a professional, dress like a professional.  Even if that means a modest (but still uniquely adorable) blouse and a sports jacket with jeans, having a professional wardrobe can make you more attractive to employers, even in the limited crop of a headshot.

P.S. you can be unique with your blouse/dress choice but avoid anything too busy or revealing so all of the focus stays on your beautiful face!

Compliment Your Eyes

Chose a blouse color that will compliment your eyes!  For instance, I have steel blue eyes and will always wear a blue or blue-gray shirt for headshots.  It is a simple way to make your face pop, in the sea of LinkedIn profiles.


It sounds and honestly feels utterly silly, but practice your professional smile.  Something between a hearty laugh and pure stoic is generally preferred.  I tend to for a small laugh while keeping my eyes nice and open.  It took a lot of practice to avoid having crazy eyes!

Now get out there and get some stellar headshots!  Hopefully, mine will be coming back soon too and I’ll be sure to share!



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