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Spring Semester Burnout in Law School

Spring Semester Burnout is real!

After pouring every ounce of mental energy and emotional stamina into your first round of law school finals it can be extremely difficult to start spring semester with the same motivation as which you entered law school.

Even after a three-week break, returning to the never-ending onslaught of reading can feel like death by case brief.

This is when we have to reach deep, deep within and pull out the reserves of self-discipline and motivation.  Even as you write your 100th personalized cover letter within the first two weeks of school, let the mere prospect of a summer job and eventually, a flourishing career keep you typing!


Try these things to help you push through the burnout


  1. Map Out Your Goals

    Make a physical map of your goals.  Law school and life, write out all of the things you dream about doing.  Pay no attention to the practicality or feasibility and take some time to reignite your whimsical side!

  2. Go Out With Your Friends

    Get dressed up and go out with your friends. Drink (responsibly), dance and blow of some steam or else you will implode from the law school stress.  One of the best things that happened this week was a beer and Girl Scout cookie pairing event at Catalina Brewing Co
    P.S. The Girl Scouts have officially started selling a Gluten Free cookie!!

  3. Take a Hike

    Seriously, take a hike.  Sometimes going out with friends doesn’t quite settle your spirits and you need some alone time in the wilderness.  There is a calm to nature that can reset your energy and give you the peace to keep pushing through law school.
     I mean how could you hold on to your stresses with this view

    The View From A-Mountain, Tucson AZ

    *P.S. always take caution in hiking alone and never leave home without telling a friend your plan and your pepper spray

  4. Work Out!

    As always, working out is one of my top suggestions to make it through anything!  Working out and having a workout plan can add a level or organization and motivation to your life.  Your workouts can become a time of freedom in your hectic day!
    Check out Just Strong for some fantastic workout gear, use TROGERS10 for 10% off!

  5. Reward Yourself

    Set law school goals and rewards for achieving those goals.  Maybe your goal looks like this: If I outline every Friday this month I will reward myself with a new Just Strong tee or mani-pedi.  Even small goals like doing all of your class reading for the week can be rewarded with In N Out or a boba tea.  Setting small goals can break the endless reading into bitesize chunks of effort and reward.

  6. Talk to Real Lawyers

    Reaching out to some real-life lawyers has helped bring me back from the brink of burnout! Go through the network you’ve already made or reach out to some new contacts.  Hearing all of their law school stories followed by the ones from the real world!  So get some face time or phone time with a lawyer and realize there is indeed a light at the end of the law school tunnel.

Spring semester burnout is real but you can make it through law school into the real world!  Just remember to take some time for yourself and know that you’ll make it through!

Best wishes,


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