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How to Survive Boring Law Classes

Initially, I felt this deep-seeded guilt about not being head-over-heels infatuated with one of my classes, but then I realized that this near hatred is a natural phenomenon!

It is grossly impossibly to love every subject you encounter in law school especially since law touches about every subject on earth, so shrug off the guilt and learn to tolerate your most loathed class so it does not come back to bite you during finals!

  1. Accept the Hatred!

    Hate is a strong word but when you start 1L year so excited to embrace all of this new and exciting knowledge it can absolutely burst your bubble to find yourself counting the minutes of a class.  At first, I felt guilty, then a brief moment of rage, but ultimately I was overcome by the boredom. Boredom became a real nuisance, affecting my focus, note taking, and my opinion of the subject as a whole!  However, once you realize and accept your overwhelming boredom you can learn to conquer it![ and hopefully the curve!]

  2. Pinpoint the Source of the Boredom!

    Lack of interest can stem from many elements for your class.  Is contracts just not putting the butterflies in your tummy that it used too?  Have you lost the will to make an effort? Are you and your hated class just on different pages?  Seriously though whether it is that you don’t quite understand the material, the teaching style doesn’t engage you, or that the material is literally as interesting as watching paint dry, there are ways to combat the boredom.

  3. If You Do Not Understand the Material!

    First off, EVERYONE will have a subject they do not understand no matter what facade they portray to the class, so DO NOT let one overtly challenging topic degrade your confidence! Second, go to your professors [ Bonus tip: its what they are there for]  Now I wouldn’t suggest declaring how bored you are, instead try telling them how not understanding the material makes it harder for you to stay focused in class!  Many professors have teaching aids, videos, etc. on hand to share with students who ACTUALLY ASK!
    Bonus tip: your exams are anonymous so telling a professor you do not understand cannot affect your grade!

  4. The Teaching Style is Not Engaging!

    Sometimes it is extremely easy to forget that professors are indeed flawed human beings, just like you and me!  That is to say, professors are not perfect, nor will they teaching style be perfect for everyone [or anyone]!  This is a harder source of boredom to quash since it can lead to disdain towards your professor.  My advice would be to look up alternative videos as a supplement and to make talking in class a game.  Personally, I started trying to have something constructive, totally off the wall or truly introspective to add to the discussion every day.  Searching for the opportune moment actually keeps me mostly paying attention throughout lecture!

  5. When the Material Itself is Utterly Boring

    If you are like me and have not completely nailed down the exact area of law you plan to practice in, consider your boredom a sign from the heavens! If you have determined that it is not the challenging nature or the teaching style just the pure dullness of the subject you despise, you have successfully narrowed your career view and are one step closer to a speciality! Combatting this type of boredom in class can be tricky.  I like to doodle or illustrate what I think the happenings in the case would look like to help me get through the 2.5 hr lecture of death!

when it comes down to it, it is all about perspective!

The more you force yourself to see the positive, fun, not so utterly boring side of your hated subject the more likely you are to succeed in a class you do not even like!


Stay focused, stay present, and stay awesome!!




3 thoughts on “How to Survive Boring Law Classes”

  1. I really needed this post right now! I just started the new semester and I take two classes that are boring. I know that it will past and I am going to have more fun again next semester, but I still need to study and pass the exams or I will be stuck with the Topics for another semester. In my case it is economics for lawstudents (I know why I don’t study economics or business) and Public International Law (interesting, but the professor is very hard to listen to.).


    1. I am so glad you found this helpful!! Looking to next semester and honestly, just the holiday break helped keep me afloat! I hope you survived the boredom, killed your finals and wish you a brand new semester of exciting classes!

      Best wishes,


  2. I did my law degree more than 20 years ago. Contact time with staff was limited – perhaps 8 to 12 hours per week at most. I found quite a lot of the lecturers and the textbooks were so focused on their particular subject that they would overlook that their students/reading audience might not be as familiar with either the subject area or applicability to real life situations, especially since students would be mostly 18 year olds with zero life experience. How many 18 year olds know the simple processes involved in buying a house?

    Plunging in to each new subject with the heavyweight texts recommended by (written by?) the lecturers is tough. My recommendation, buy the Nutshells, or whatever the “cheat” guides are, and get a grounding in the subject. Also, remember that if you’re doing exams, there is a limit on how much you can possibly write. Trying to read those 140 page Appeal Court decisions is pointless because you are never going to commit any of it to an exam.

    Some thoughts about the topic are here


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