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A Case For Friendship In Law School

You are on a law school blog, so you’ve more than likely heard all of the harsh stereotypes about competition overruling friendship.  I am here to tell you that (depending on the school you choose) they are a bunch of Bull Sh!t!  

I have never been one to have “crew” but law school has brought me to some of the most intelligent, driven, sarcastic, hilarious, and genuinely kind people I have ever met!

Law school is hard enough without having to look over your shoulder for lurking students waiting for the first sign of weakness to step in and squash you just for their place on the curve.

So here are my top reasons to be friendly in law school!

  1. Study Buddies

    • If you gain nothing else you will at least arm yourself with intelligent acquaintances.  EVERYONE, even you will have a concept or even an entire class that just doesn’t make sense; these will be the moments you are thankful you were actually a civil human being.
  2. Better Quality of Life

    • Law school is hard!  I will not sugarcoat this fact, but friends make is phenomenally better!  You can all work together to remain sane as you all drown in civil procedure, latin phrases and the elements of torts.  Who doesn’t need a wine night crew?
  3. Sick Days

    • Just over two weeks in and I have already been plagued with sickness.  Luckily my cohort is full of some wonderful people I would already call dear friends who readily emailed me notes from our contracts class, no questions asked.   Plus: I do not have to worry they are “bad” notes only sent to confuse or misdirect me….apparently, this happens at other schools.
  4. Adventure Pals

    • It is always better to go on adventures (especially in a new place) with a group.  Being nice to even one person in your cohort can lead to amazing adventures you would never have faced on your own, whether it is a Rec Center group class, tailgating or wilderness camping!
  5. Positive Competition

    • The stress of the curve will begin to weigh on you as finals approach. Having real friends to lean on throughout the semester will give you insight into how the rest of the cohort is doing and will push you to keep up the work throughout the entire semester!

Friends are an amazing asset, that can only enhance your law school experience!

I mean look at my new 1L friend and me, at our “Bar Review” club meeting! (week 2)

Peggy & Tess Ride a Horse at Bar Review!


 Even if you’re someone who has never really had a crew (like me) this is your opportunity to build relationships with like-minded, capable, adults who could end up being life long besties!

As one of my new law school friends would say
“Live Your Best Life,”
and go make some friends!

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