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5 Things To Do Before The First Day Of Law School

Holy goodness, orientation is over and YOU are about to start on the epic journey of law school!
Enjoy all of the excited but be sure to do these last few things to prepare for a stellar first day!

    • Log onto your student account!

      Make sure you know how to easily access your university’s online platform.  Most of your professors will post their syllabus, required books, and the first class assignments.

    • Buy your books & school supplies!

      Yes, they are expensive but if the professor has explicitly listed a required text, it is in your best interest to just bite the bullet and buy your books.  The readings will compound very quickly while you procrastinate!  While you’re at it, pick up your notebooks, pens, tabs and Do Not Forget Highlighters!

This pack has enough colors for Facts, Posture, Issue, History, Reason, Dicta, Definitions, and sharpie sells coinciding tab colors if you’re crazy type A like me!

    • Figure out your transportation!

      Buy your parking pass, (and actually pick it up) or determine the safest, most efficient way for you to bike or walk to class.  Luckily my house is just off the third street bike way, making it supremely easy to get to school safely!

        • If you are biking PLEASE use a U-Lock or better yet a U-Lock and a cable…trust me, having your bike stolen (while I had a cable lock) puts a real damper on your day.

    • Do Your Readings!

      True to the stereotype of law school, you will undoubtedly have readings due for the first day of class.  Do not let seemingly short assignments fool you… 10 pages in law school is 30 anywhere else after you include highlighting, annotating and briefing the cases!  Coming soon: How I Brief Cases in Law School!

    • Take Me Time!

      Your first weeks will be a whirlwind of readings, introductions, getting lost, and learning all about your new environment.  Treat yourself to some preemptive relaxation with a nice bath, a cup of tea, or even just a long nap!  Trust me, sleep will become one of your very very best friend

Now all you have to do is remember that YOU HAVE GOT THIS!!!

You are a capable, intelligent, Prepared person who will absolutely kill law school!

Best wishes,


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