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How to Mentally Prepare, the Week Before Law School

What I’m doing to mentally and emotionally prepare for a kick ass start to law school

  • Adjust My Sleeping Schedule

Although raised a night owl I have learned in the last 8 months of working 9-5, that a solid sleeping schedule makes you more productive, promotes lasting energy and a generally higher quality of life.

I base my wake up time off of when my classes are scheduled to start and what I want to accomplish before class and schedule generally 7-8 hours of sleep with this time in mind. For example: Class starts at 8 and my morning routine take me 1.5 hours (including travel to class) then I am going to be asleep by 10:30PM and waking at 6:30AM

 I will be investing in an actual alarm clock…
the cell phone alarm is just not enough!

  • Yoga

My goal for the first semester of law school is to establish at least 20 minutes a day of really focused “me time” through yoga and journaling. Yoga is a fantastic way for me to wake up and get my day going with something productive!

Yoga in Big Sur California! 

*Nothing fancy, just totally affordable. Here are some affordable Yoga Resources.

  • Journaling

Journaling (in this fashion) is split into five (or less) morning and evening minutes. If you are new to journaling try following this 5-minute model.

It is aimed at establishing purpose in your day and your actions through a quick, goal setting and reflective fashion.
*Be sure to watch the Tim Ferris Video at this link!

  • Exercise

Exercise is my main source of stress relief, personal therapy and often where I work through my most challenging or persistent problems. Instilling a time for exercise in my schedule is a MUST if I am to remain sane and clear minded through law school.

So I am “practicing” integrating working out into my schedule so it is not even a decision I have to make but a pattern in my day.

The more decisions you can turn into routine (by making them for yourself in advance and setting good habits) the more brainpower you have left over for important cognitive thought. (Again see Morning Routines)

This also means I will be visiting the campus rec center, and some local Tucson Ballet Studios!

  • Water, Drink Up!

Another fantastic habit to form is drinking an appropriate amount of water every day. Water makes up most of your body mass and is vital to everything working properly, including your brain. For me water intake is a key component to keeping cystic acne at bay (More to come on this later)! I use this camelback 1.5L Chute to help reach my goal of at least 3Liters of water a day.

  • Organizing my Room & Desk

Having an organized living space contributes highly to maintaining an organized mind space! Clutter is the enemy of efficiency so I am taking the next few days to thoroughly organize my closet, bathroom and most importantly (to me) my at home work space!

Here are some of my favorite organizing tools and containers!

  • Testing the Travel Time to Class

I have a deep seeded anxiety about being late to ANYTHING! So this is a major factor for me to remain calm on the first day of classes. I will be biking to school along my intended daily route at least twice during the times I will be commuting to class. This ensures that I plan my morning routine well and removes another frivolous choice from my day. Instead I can use that freed up brainpower to find some new friends and choose a study group!

For reference this is my set of Timbuk2 panniers I bought while in San Francisco and will be using to carry all those casebooks!
Now get to your mental happy place and kick law school off to a clear and efficient start!

Best wishes!


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