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Science to Law School: Part 1, My Law School Application Timeline

Focusing my entire undergraduate education on science and scientific research I had a nontraditional route to Law School!  In this post I am going to focus on the transition from planning my future around a masters research program, to taking a leap of faith and applying to law school!

Eva Walsh (2)

After four years of thinking I would be applying to masters of science programs, I had a string of internships that although EXTREMELY rewarding made me realize that scientific research is NOT my calling!

Being a lawyer had always been in the back of my mind and with the intimidation of the rest of my life looming, I took the chance and started researching Law Schools in Summer 2016, the summer before my senior year

Needless to say I was WAY behind the typical LSAT based admissions timelines

Tons of research lead me to the Environmental Law Concentration at the University of Arizona!  I knew it was destiny when I found this article detailing how U of A is the first reputable law school to accept GRE applications.

I had been studying for the GRE since junior year!  Also there was no way I would have the time to adequately study and execute the LSAT.

I ended up only applying to U of A for Law school but I believe in being fully prepared for any perceivable outcome…so I applied to law school and research programs.

Shout out to Josh(my amazing boyfriend) for making me finish my application to U of A when I started to doubt my validity as an applicant.
( More on overcoming those self doubts Soon)

Josh and I in Cancun After My Acceptance Email Arrived!

Real love pushes you to pursue your dreams even when you doubt yourself! 

Around late November I had an epic break down in my boyfriend’s kitchen floor thinking life was over when I couldn’t seem to find a professor to fund my graduate research and didn’t know if I had the credentials to get in the law school

Then December came!  My family took a christmas vacation to Mexico where endless mojitos gave me the courage to open the admission email from Arizona!

By the grace of the Law Lords I was accepted to
Law School!

What to Consider if You Are Applying to Law School as a STEM Major

  • Do you have time for the LSAT?
    • Do you have time to study enough to get a satisfactory LSAT Score?
  • If not consider a GRE school!
  • Play to your math, science, reading and logic skills
  • It is NEVER too late! If you want it bad enough you can make it happen, especially as your options are continuing to expand!


If you have ANY questions about any part of going from science to law school please feel free to shoot me a message!!

Best wishes with all your application endeavors!

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