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Buying Your First Law School Books!

With my schedule FINALLY released
so came the booklist.

  • My Booklist

    • Concise Restatement of Torts
    • Torts and Comp Concise Casebook Plus
    • Redbook: Manual on Legal Style
    • Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation
    • Legal Reasoning + Legal Writing
    • Interactive Citation Workbook
    • Contract Law + Theory
    • Contract Law + Theory- Selected Provisions

Just like in undergrad textbooks are ridiculously expensive, but now (according to the advice of 2 & 3L’s) they are actually necessary.

Lets clarify necessary: these textbooks are essentially non-negotiable purchases that should be obtained before the first day of class!

Just imagine that sinking feeling of starting the year off completely unprepared, setting such sloppy precedence and worst of all being called on while having absolutely no idea what is going on!!

Use this terrible feeling to motivate you to bite the bullet and buy/rent your books ASAP!

Capture every moment
Here Is My Cat Peep, To Make You Feel Better

The University of Arizona bookstore provided a really great tool to compare their prices to Amazon, Barns and Nobles and

Despite this tool, and due to the fact I bought my books at 1AM, I accidentally bought my most expensive book twice.. so ALWAYS double check your cart before clicking
“Confirm Purchase.”   Thank the law lords for great return policies!!!

I was able to find bargains on the following books through Amazon!


Some final tips from those who have gone before:

  • Buy your books BEFORE the first day of class
  • Be sure to read notes on the quality of used books
    • They often detail the actual condition and amount of highlighting
  • Be sure to compare new and used prices
    • I found multiple new books of my list for only about $5-$10 more than used
  • Keep a physical list of your books to keep track of orders, deliveries etc
    • I had to order my books then move from San Jose to Tucson so I also kept notes on where I packed them…and my orientation outfits(more to come on this soon!)!
  • Do NOT buy your books at 1Am just because you got your class schedule and you cannot sleep!

Best wishes!

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