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Workouts To Get You Through Life and Law School


Running has been my tried and true since I first joined the North Stokes High School track and field team at the spritely age of 14. Since then I have gone from sprint centered workouts to the most recent 30K trail run. In all of its forms running has been a solace for me where I can clear my mind, boost my confidence and push my boundaries.

Running the 2016 Battleship Half Marathon

Here is a link to my Strava for a closer look at my running routines!


I joined Crossfit Durham when I was living and working in Durham earlier in 2017. The workouts were torturous but empowering and the community factor made me feel at home in a strange new town. My 7:15Am workout crew gave me the confidence to participate in the Crossfit open and the gym’s intramural games. Team Quad Squad dominated and I fell in love with everything that is Crossfit. Now that I am starting school my finances are a bit tighter, so I plan to stay in touch with my new love through holiday workouts at local Tucson boxes and following the Crossfit Durham WOD blog when I need a nice AMRAP.

Crossfit Open 17.1 at CrossFit Durham

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic, full body workout that requires you to use creative thinking and problem solving.  My first summer at NASA Ames some of the other interns and I started rock climbing at Planet Granite on the regular and it became one of my favorite ways to diversify my workout.  Climbing will challenge you in new ways and give you a creative boost when stuck in a rut. Not to mention most climbing gyms have student discounts and a bunch of member events to help you (and me) make friends in our new environments.

Climbing at Planet Granite 2016


Yes Crossfit does involve weightlifting but there are many facets to the wonderful world of pumping iron! Training for pole vault taught me the basics of Olympic weightlifting, which I personally find extremely effective and entertaining. This is not to say that traditional lifts do not have merit. You basically cannot beat the booty benefits of a well-preformed squat.   I am about to start this Push -Pull –Legs  weightlifting sequence and will keep you guys posted on the results!

I love weightlifting especially during school as an outlet for any anger, frustration etc, plus it is so empowering to hit a solid lift.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


This is the best exercise for your body and soul. I try to be diligent in incorporating yoga into my morning routine and as a cool down for other workouts. Your yoga practice can help bring clarity when your mind is endlessly buzzing with case briefs, roommate quarrels and self-degradation. Silence those unruly thoughts and take control of your mind through some deep breathing and guided sequences!

See How To Afford Fitness In Law School for links to free online yoga!

Yoga on the Cliffs of Big Sur


Ballet is a perfect compliment to the harshness of weightlifting and running. I recently took a semester of adult beginner-advanced ballet at Ninth Street Dance Durham, and it was absolutely wonderful. Even with a dance background preforming the basics of ballet required a graceful focus and worked my muscles in ways other workouts just do not! Plus, feeling so graceful and beautiful after a long day of sitting at a desk is wonderfully refreshing.

Who needs a man to make you feel stunning when you have ballet!
Plus wearing adult leotards and tutus is a total joy!

Valentines Day at Ninth Street Ballet 2017

Best wishes for wonderful workouts!


*I am not a doctor, fitness guru or specialist, just a self-experimenter hoping others can benefit from my experiences.

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