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How To Afford Fitness In Law School

Obviously law school is expensive, making it hard for students to afford things that play an important role in their lives. Switching from a salary job to law school reduced my fitness budget tremendously but,
when there is a will to be fit there is always a way!

Here are the resources I’ve compiled to keep active on a law school budget:

Student Rec Center

It may seem lame or be frightening to join a fitness class by yourself but once you jump that hurdle you open yourself up to many free(or reasonably cheap) classes that can have great quality.

Many Universities offer tons of classes from weightlifting, HITT, ballet/bare, hip-hop, rock climbing and yoga.

Do not forget about Intramural Sports!  Admittedly I have a fiercely over developed competitive drive and intramural sports allow me to channel that energy into an appropriate

AGD Soccer league
UNCW, Alpha Gam IM Soccer Super Team

You can also use the recenter independent workout areas for free weights, calisthenics, barbell and cardio.  Many universities have staff that are more than willing to help you design your personal workout plan! ( Don’t waste your time with gimmick workouts)

I currently do my independent workouts following a Push Pull Legs plan!

            Bonus! Group classes allow you to make friends with people you may not have ever come in contact with during law school or share great experiences with friends you do make in law classes.

      Either way, Student Rec is cheap and efficient fun
so get over yourself and just go!

Internet/ App Lead

            I adore Internet yoga because I am far to poor to pay for great instruction in the preferred relaxing, spa atmosphere. My morning and pre-bed routines come from here as well!

This route allows you to essentially hand pick your fitness style and duration.

Barre/ HITT:
If you have a fitbit check out:

Bonus! In the comfort of your own home you can try that new handstand sequence without any self-conscious worries!

School Fitness Clubs

Similar to the Rec Center but yet oh so different! Many Universities are home to clubs of all varied interests. For me, the running club is an amazing way to stay safe while running new routes in an unfamiliar town.

Go Far Run Group- Bay Area
My first day with Go Far Run Group in San Jose! 

NOTICE: please use your senses when running alone (or with new people for that matter)! Stick to gender balanced groups, publicly used & well lit routes, and DO NOT RUN AT NIGHT! It is unfair and utterly despicable that anyone should ever have to fear running alone, but that doesn’t change the fact that danger is present and your choices are the primary defense. Some great safety info here!

           Bonus: Here is a link to the mini pepper spray I take with me everywhere, especially running… and yes even running during the day.

So get out there and stay fit!


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