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5 Tips For Moving To Law School (Out of State or Otherwise)

1. Clarify your closet
Seriously it is about time to donate any item that is tattered, from high school or previous categorized as “festival clothing.”

Rules of Cleaning Out Your Closet

  • If you haven’t worn it in a year, strongly consider donation
  • Consider your priorities when weighing crop tops vs. professional blouses
  • Keep clothes that inspire your future not help you relive your past
    • *Consider a tee shirt quilt for all of those athletic, sorority, undergrad and other nostalgic items.
  • Remember that you are an Adult, dress like one!

2. Pack Strategically
My moving schedule was extremely tight with me starting orientation one day after moving into my apartment. If your schedule is anything like mine, packing a bag specifically for your first few school events will make unpacking and nesting your new home less stressful. Also, if moving overwhelms you, having this preplanned bag of professional outfits, makeup and toiletries will allow you to procrastinate while maintaining the appearance that you have life perfectly together.

3. Utilize Free 50lbs Bags By Flying Southwest (no sponsorship)
Being a frequent flyer of Southwest I’ve learned to take advantage of their “Bags Fly Free” policy. This means you get to stuff two TSA approved containers (this can be different depending on your departure location) with up to 50lbs of your crap. If your parents or friends come to visit (pending they are capable of packing for themselves in a carryon) that’s two more bags for every visitor!

*Southwest’s pet transport policy is also how my cat Peep will be joining me in Tucson!!

4. Invest in Space Bags!
No joke! They have helped me tremendously in packing and shrinking down the amount of space my clothes, bedding and linens take up in my car.

Ziploc Space Bag 14 Bag Variety – 14pc 4-M, 4-L, 3-XL Cubes, 3-Trvl

5. Put Heavy Things in Rolling Bags
Yes clothes seem to most naturally pack into suitcases but with your space bags the piles will be far more manageable. Instead use your rolling luggage to pack heavier items such a book making them far easier to transport.

*Remember ALWAYS lift with your legs not your back.

Bonus: Make a simple spreadsheet inventory of your items as you pack to help keep track of your stuff!  Plus you can use a spreadsheet like this for reference with renters insurance.

Double Bonus: Get renter’s insurance!!! After having my car and apartment broken into in the same month I found renter’s insurance absolutely worth the cheap cost.


  • All products mentioned are actual purchases I’ve made and are linked to Amazon!

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