The Countdown To Orientation- 31 Days

Only 31 days separate me from the start of my law pursuit at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law.  For nearly seven months now I have been living on the high of my acceptance, not yet accepting for myself that I would soon be in pursuit of Juris Doctorate.

Until December 2016 my life had been set on the path of research science, charging down the tracks of global change one test tube of wastewater at a time (see My Life Before Law for more detail on my adventures in Science and Sanitation). Internships with NASA and RTI International evoked a passion for international affairs, but something about the realities science and research prevented me from truly falling in love with the work. I applied to U of A under the belief that if I were destined to change course, I would be admitted to the only program accepting the GRE as an entrance exam.

Then in December 2016 on a family vacation to Mexico, the admissions gods spoke, and fated me to attend law school in Tucson, AZ. The dramatic shift of it all has kept the reality from sinking in until now.

Who knew a countdown widget and a single red teeshirt (surprise gift from the U of A!) reading “Arizona Law,” could snap reality into focus!

Although I may technically be an environmental consultant for the next 29ish days my mental spare time shall be focused on the following:

  • Settling into my new Law Student identity
    • i.e. accept my validity as a law student
  • Watching all the recommended Pre Law School films
  • Reading as much as humanly possibly
    • Anything and everything I can get my hands on
    • Call it “brain training” for the what is to come
  • Fully embracing the excitement of a new adventure!

May all the dreams you work for come true!
Best Wishes



3 thoughts on “The Countdown To Orientation- 31 Days”

    1. Hello hello! Thanks to you as well! I am beyond ecstatic to start law school in August, I actually miss being in a learning environment quiet terribly! How are you feeling about the coming semester?

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      1. I feel the same way! I graduated undergrad in May of 2016, and I worked at a law firm for a year but I’m happy to be back in school! And I actually already started. I’m at University of Tulsa College of Law and I’m taking a summer contracts class and a negotiation class (contracts is horrible lol)

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